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A couple of cool concept images Nizzate and Phlox sketched up a while ago.
Giant Spider Creature:(Phlox)

Orc Riding Lizard Dude:(Nizzate)

No real visible improvements on the coding, although I got a lot of the core done. I should be able to start the level maker soon. I was going to start the combat system, but didn't have any enemy to fight. But now I do:

A hog monster. In our game we are planning to have different animals that aren't necessarily enemies, but will attack you if you get to close, depending on their aggresion. Other animals will run as soon as you get close like rabbits and squirrels. This giant pig will probably be very aggressive, because of his size.

Hopefully I can get this annoying behind the scenes code out of the way so I can start doing some more fun stuff. Can't rush though, this is the most important part. We will start releasing real screen shots as soon as we get the placeholders out of the way.

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thanks, yeah steve is pretty small. (by the way, his real name in game is not going to be steve orkel that was just a joke but for now we refer to him as steve.) Thanks for watching our journal.

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