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Harmonix Is Lazy, Brilliant

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So, Guitar Hero Rock the 80's came out today, and my roommates and I have already beaten expert [grin]. One thing that really strikes me about the game is how god damn similar it is to Guitar Hero II. I mean, half the artwork is even the same (loading screens and the like). Apart from the new songs and the 80s-ified characters, I really don't think a single thing has changed. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if, apart from the recording sessions, the game took about a week to make. It really goes to show how brilliant of an idea that game was in the first place. With solid mechanics and crazy addictive game play, they really don't have to do anything but pump out new song lists to make an ass load of money. Their profit margin on this game is going to be ginormous.

I'm sure their programmers are busy working away on Guitar Hero III or Rock Band or whatever (is Harmonix still doing GH, or just Rock Band? I didn't really pay attention to what happened after the whole buy-out thing, in terms of who owns what and who's making what), but I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't a single line of new code in GH 80s.

In other news, today at work they asked me to stay on part-time during the school year. I knew going into this job that there was a good chance of it happening, I just figured I'd have to ask/beg them to let me stay on, not vise versa. Needless to say, I was very happy, and told them I'd love to stay on part-time. So, I guess either:
A) I'm a really good programmer.
-Yeah, that's definitely not it.
Or B) I'm an adequate programmer and we are really understaffed right now.
-There have been two (soon to be three, I think) new hires since I started, and we have at least four more open programmer positions. Yeah, that's definitely it.

So, if you live in the Seattle area and are looking for work (and are qualified), you should totally let me forward your resume on, so I can get me some referral bonuses (or is it boni?) [wink].
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How the hell did you beat Play with Me?

You're... not human.

RE: Harmonix and red octane, red octane is working with activision on GH3 - neversoft doing the coding. Harmonix is working with MTV (I think?) on rock band. I think part of the reason that GH80s was so half-assed is that red octane and harmonix worked together on it, and now that they are owned by competing companies I bet there was a shit-ton of legal problems and suits complaining about making a good game. Which is why we ended up with 30 songs, no bonuses, lacking characters, etc.

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