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XNA stuff

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Blocky Man Go!

I changed my Great Games Experiment profile on the game, and have it on the showcase, so I think that's about it. I just hope more people play the game now and leave feedback.

As I mentioned before, I'm now working on a vertical shmup. Here is a current screenshot:

It's called "Captain Ace" written in C# and XNA. I figure for awhile I should work on smaller projects to get used to XNA, and also because I enjoy work on smaller projects. I'm less likely to get burned out working on a small project, because they only take a few weeks to complete, and are alot of fun. Plus I'll be able to play these on my 360, which is an added bonus.

I figure I'll be working on creating my own versions of my favorite arcade games, such as Galaga, Robotron, Tetris, things like that. I'll probably also create something original, if I can come up with anything.

I might enter 4E6 this year if I like the elements. I've always regretted not making a 4E4 game, so I probably shouldn't miss out this year.
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Awesome, I like how some of the ships look like the Dralthi fighters from Wing Commander. [grin] And come to think about it, the little red one looks like the hornet class.

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