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Sidetracked again!

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So, I'm going off course again. I agreed to do a project with one of my friends once he gets back from California. So, until then I'm going to be working on building a small code base to work on said project with. We haven't full decided on what the game will be other than it's going to be a 2D RPG made in C# and XNA.

I've got a week before he gets back from California and then he has to get his PC fixed, so I probably have more like a month lol. Anyway, I'll be posting some small things over the next few days; hopefully cool things.

Pretty screenshots will be coming soon; within the next three days. I'm feeling really motivated, so (hopefully) I'll get a bunch done before I pass out.

I'll work on DFT in-between, but I'll go back to it fully once this project is done.


-edit- 9:43pm
Okay, it's been far too long since I've posted a screenshot, so here's one:

I'm not sure why the outlined character's background shows up, but I assume it has something to do with LMNOpc BitmapFontBuilder sucking ass. No offense to the guy who made it, but it does. Anyway, I'll probably be switching over to AngelCode's bitmap font app soon; I just want to get other stuff done first.

Btw, the above text was generated using the following string:
This is a test of the font system.\nHere's ^2a^3n^4o^5t^6h^7e^8r^0 test of the ^5font System^0.\n^o`255,255,255`This is a test of the outline system.^o

The ^# specify a color inside of the color table. Values can range from 1-9; 0 resets to the default color. The `r,g,b` allows the game to specify a specific color (the color table's values can be changed by the user so this will allow you to make sure that a certain color is used.) The ^o is used for outlining.

I'm thinking I should add shadowing support, but I don't know how useful that would be. Outlining is nice and helps make the word attention grabbing whereas shadowing is just eye-candy. Not very noticeable eye-candy at that. We'll see though; I can always add it later (note that I'll more than likely click update and then go right to my compiler and add shadowing because I am now intrigued as to how well it'll look. Oh well.)

Ok, back to work for me.

-edit- 9:47pm
That wasn't so hard lol. Instead of adding ^s or something I made it an option when printing the string. There's no point in allowing you to only shadow part of a string; that'd look pretty ridiculous.

Looks kind of nice actually lol (the shadowing that is, not being able to shadow part of a word.)
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