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Absence and DirectX 10

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Sorry for the period of no activity. I am currently working at a bank and basically its sucking up all my time. I am at work at 7 in the morning and leave at 5 so for me there is basically no real "break" to work on the engine. I have been looking for DirectX 10 tutorials but so far I have not found much.

I have recently bought a few new parts for my machine and now i am running this:

Windows Vista 64 Bit ultimate
Amd AthlonX2 6000+
2x 500 GIG hard disk
Ati Radeon HD2900XT

I have to say its pretty fast.

Sadly right now most of the group im working on the engine have "calmed down" mostly because i just dont have time to keep things going and well we all have jobs right now and I think after October things will be a lot smoother. Currently im trying to make a Stand alone DirectX10 renderer that I can implement in the Firefly engine. Ofcourse I canot find any good books or tutorials wich is sadly a shame.

I am sorry for the long silence, but since work has been going a lot beter now I can relax again and try to focus on C++ instead of the Java I am currently doing :)

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