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Music and final commings

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Click here to download '' [zip](~1.3mb)

Click here to download a NEW demo (.zip ~1.3mb)

Phill the Hungry Sheep
(I hope there is enough download links). Well I few posted ago I believe I said this project was basically done, well here I am and now it is even more done. I have enlisted someone to take on the creation of music for the game (at a very fair price I thought) and have even updated the crab graphics to include Claws which were lacking before.

This game has also got its self a menu screen so you can now view credits and controls in the game rather than reading the readme.txt file (it's still there).

I also adjusted the stamina a bit. My QA Tester said it was taking forever to recharge - which I refused to believe so I got him to show me via webcam and to my surprise he was right. Of course he could have been a bit more descriptive about when this occurred. Anyway this bug has finally been sorted out - I Hope.

I'm unsure if I want to add power ups into the game because I few people have said it is fun as it is (funness is something I really want to achieve) and if that's the case I'm not sure if adding power ups will add to the fun.

Any my QA Tester is out till tomorrow I think so I'll ask him when he gets back.

Again I hope there is enough download links.

Speaking of links, I finally managed to buy twilight princess for game cube and I have to say it is really great and the controls as super - even when you're in wolf form.

Click here to download a NEW demo (.zip ~1.3mb)

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