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Somehow I managed to break 100K views of this journal this week, and now we're at 101K. I don't know how I managed to get 3000+ views in four days without noticing it, but thanks a lot.

I've been working on the weapon stuff for Novarunner some more; now I can create a bullet, drop it into the game state, and it just sits there. Hmm. Perhaps I need to write some update functions to move the bullets and make them rawk.

As for today's link/silly image of the day, I think some of you may be confused about my reference made in this cat thread. Therefore, I have deemed it necessary that you watch this
">informative recap of the Nicholas Cage remake of The Wicker Man. Don't worry, it's over faster than you think. And there's chick punching.

P.S. Tomorrow is my birthday. Note that floorcaek compresses poorly with bzip2, so use 7zip to compress any gravitational pastries.
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Shit I'm a day late [dead]

Happy Birthday all the same! Hope you had a good one [cool]

Also, that video was hilarious. NOT THE BEES! [lol]

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