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I just released the source code for Udo in the For Beginners forum. I hope that wasn't a bad idea. It's here in the unlikely event that any of this journal's readers care, but I suspect you lot have better things to do.

Oh well. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but what do I know? Very little.


Do you know what I've just spent the last hour doing? Going through Imp and removing all the 'C' prefixes from my classe names.

Obviously, since we had lots of stuff like CMap Map, this wasn't simple.

Anyone who ever says I don't listen to the advice you get on these forums should bookmark this post.


I reckon I want a new screen name on GameDev. Any suggestions?
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Original post by Ravuya
It's too bad this is DX, or I'd offer to build you a Mac port.

God, no. I've done enough damage to the world of programming as it is [smile].

(Joking aside, that is a shame. Thanks anyway.)

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Original post by Tape_Worm
I say your new name should be "Never_Reads_Tape_Worms_Journal"


Actually, I might get my screen name changed to "Micro$oft sux yay Linux", just to see if I can make your head explode [grin][grin].

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