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Well when did you become the physical type!

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Click here to download a NEW demo (.zip ~1.3mb)

Phill the Hungry Sheep
Fixedist the download link. Also uploaded another update.

This type I was having problems with highscores because of how I was saving them (and reading them). This is was causing a bug in release mode only and not in debug which was wired, anyway its fixed now.

I also added in a cursor and made the menu mouse driven (keyboard input still there). Seeing as this is a mouse driven game I am going to try and make all the menus mouse driven et-a OK buttons etc.

I another minor update is the arrowbar - which is basically two arrows showing you which menu is selected rather then a big green rectangle.

fyi that is all, no gameplay stuff has been done.

Click here to download a NEW demo (.zip ~1.3mb)

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