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D3D10 on AMD hardware

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Right, I suppose this entry will count as Saturday but for me it's still Friday ([cool]). Anyway, I've been so busy with work lately that I just haven't had time to progress my own personal projects. Writing SqlCe performance profiling tools to analyze the performance of various mobile devices is quite an involved process!

Anyway, ATI Radeon(TM) HD 2000 programming guide is the topic of todays journal entry. I got hold if it via Humus' post on B3D (Humus also being the author of the linked article).

I bring it to your attention as its a very interesting read - both full of technical information and also being very readable. A lot of the optimization tips are in the "well, Duuuhhh [rolleyes]" category but it still strikes me as really good to have them in one freely and readily available resource. Even if you're hot on this sort of thing it will be no bad thing to scan read this article.

Hopefully have more on '3D Pipes in D3D10' tomorrow!
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Ooh, I missed your previous entry. It looks a lot like a Quake map from outside [smile]

I have a Rubbish GeForce 8 in my main PC (Running XP) and an ATI X800 in my Media Center (Running Vista). I should really do something about that and make pretty things happen...

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