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Upgrading my monitor

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Trapper Zoid


The new piece of Inkscape practice is now up for this week as my journal header. I'm not sure how good Samus looks in cartoon form; the problem with a chibi-esque Samus is the she should be all shoulder-pad, and a chibi sized arm doesn't really work well with that cannon. I might have over-done the shinies too, although I think the style of battle armour would work well in some sort of space-themed action game. I'll have to keep that in mind.

I wanted to finish this off yesterday but was delayed by a killer headache. I'm starting to think my old monitor is up to replacement age; it's getting harder to judge colours when working with images and web design, and the picture is wobbling slightly from time to time.

I've made a post in the hardware section to ask for recommendations on a new monitor purchase, as I haven't been keeping up with latest developments.
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Original post by johnhattan
Yeah, that one's a little confusing. I assumed it was something from Metroid, but it wasn't immediately recognizable to me.

I probably spent a little too long on the logo and had to go with the first pose I made for Samus. If I hadn't run out of time I should have drawn her again, but to keep in the spirit of the exercise I have to post it up some time Saturday.

Next week I'll do something non-Nintendo to break things up a little. I'm not sure which game I'll pick yet.

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