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Rain rain rain rain rain

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Yep, it's raining again. For those who haven't been following things, we've been having record-breaking rains in the D/FW area over the past three months. We got a small respite for the past couple of weeks, but the rain is now back.

And a "record breaking" rain in July in Dallas pretty-much qualifies as "any rain at all". Normally July in the Dallas area means no rain at all. The average rainfall in Dallas in July is less than 1/10 inch, usually between zero and 1/100 inch of rain.

Mind you, this has been going on since about April. Our roof started leaking around June and we couldn't patch the roof because we couldn't get a dry day and all the local roofers were backed up for months. We finally clamped some plastic sheeting to the roof. It looked horrible but it kept the ceilings from getting any more ruined. We finally had enough dry days last week to put down ten gallons of silicone flat-roof-sealer.

And then the rain started again.

Meanwhile the lake's up. Way up. And it's staying up because there's nowhere for it to go. The creek near the horse-trail that goes behind our house is now part of the lake, and unless your horse knows how to paddle a canoe, you're not gonna be doing any riding.

If you want a visual, a perfect one is on Google Maps versus MSN Maps. Here's the MSN map of our house showing the creek as it normally appears. . .


(If you wanna see the house, you'll have to follow that long driveway north of the pin until you see that rectangular house out in the woods with the black solar panel on the roof. Head about 800 feet straight north of that to see the creek.)

And here's the google map, showing the same creek. This was apparently taken a few years earlier during a flood.

The Google Map

(note, the pin is way off in the google map, although the house is in better focus)

I headed down the trail a couple of days ago, and the water's now even higher than that. Dunno when it's ever gonna settle down to pre-flood levels.

All the parks around the lake are shut down and boat-traffic isn't allowed basically because there's so much submerged park-stuff out there that you might plow into a submerged picnic table or gazebo.
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