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Next Up to Bat

Brand new project on the rise! I didn't try all that hard to break away from the overhead shooter genre, so it will be following somewhat along that vein. Since I'm without internet, I decided that now would be a fantastic opportunity to create a small(ish) game that allowed me to flex myself outside of the conventional boundries that all of my games thus far have constrained themselves by. This new project aims to introduce several new systems and areas that none of my games to this point have explored:


Read the rest at my new Dev-Journal location.

Sidenote/Justification: Are these market-ploy-esque referalls more annoying than I think they are? The real purpose is just to let readers know that I've moved to a new location, and to take advantage of the traffic that I'm already paying GD.NET for anyways.
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I don't mind the referrals, although I've usually already read your new devlog entry by the time I check the GameDev journals as I've got your RSS feed hooked into Google Reader. I think it's a good idea to point people to your site; you'll get the bulk of your comments over there.

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There's nothing wrong with generating interest for yourself.

BTW those screenshots look great! Old-school 2D, now that's what I'm talking about. Hailing from an era where game-play was king, and took no backseat to eye-popping graphics.


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