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The Oracle of Love

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Mike Bossy


This morning I finished up the service rename, although I still left in the tempuri reference for now (just as good as localhost for development purposes :). I also added support for Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle but I haven't tested either of them yet. At some point I'll test it against SQL Server express but really since it uses the exact same calls but just with a different object I'm not too worried about a bunch of bugs in that code. I also added in some code around handling the connection strings in the web.config file so bad strings are caught and the database type is detected automatically from the string.

Next steps for the service include adding in some simple logging to the application log to make future debugging easier, and some usage metrics collection. It would be nice to know how many times each texture has been downloaded. After that it's onto a simple silverlight client to replace my Winform test app.

Who knew web programming could be so fun? I'm definitely start to lose my "native code snob" edge.

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