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I cannot drive, as they say, 55.

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As some of you may already know, I pretend to play guitar from time to time. I also pretend to record this pretend playing. While poking around youtube for guitarists that are better than I am, I revisited the
">Canon Rock video by a young fellow called JerryC. He's quite good. Not quite as good as Satan[evil], but still pretty good considering he only has two arms.

Last summer I had to play the original version at my brother's wedding, and I must say that I was absolutely amazing . All 1 (my mom) people told me so. My mom says I'm the coolest guy she knows too.

Prior to that gig which netted me 0 dollars in royalties, I recorded a very quick and dirty version of Canon in D arranged for metal and spectacularly shitty playing. All 0 people who listened to it really enjoyed it posting such reviews as:
Original post by someone who doesn't exist


Anyhow, I re-did it the other weekend after being embarassed by JerryC and a multitude of other rip-off artists. Because I'm a rip-off artist too.

Click, listen to the sound of clowns crying...

I couldn't possibly handle your criticisms as I'm a sensitive artist (emo crybaby bitch), so please don't tell me what you thought or I'll write horrible emo/goth poetry about hating the night.
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Original post by EasilyConfused
Hey, I pretend to play the guitar sometimes too!

You heard Rodrigo y Gabriella yet? They're Mexicans who live in Dublin and claim that speed metal is a major influence on their work.

It's like flamenco blind guardian.

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