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Oh... not good.

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So the major bridge across the mississippi up here just fell during rush hour. They were doing some repair/sandblasting work on it in the past month and pictures show a freight train going along underneath the bridge (which the bridge landed one). It'll be interesting as an engineer to learn the root cause of the failure.

In a more personal note, I dread the coming months of commuting as 8 lanes of traffic are redirected to the few other alternatives...


Oh, and the horridness of the Supreme Commander community has reminded me how I've grown to hate online gaming in most any form. Not the games, but the people. Well okay, Counterstrike and its kin are steaming piles and pay as you go MMOs are an insult to my sensibilities... Still, a far cry from the 70-80 hour weeks of quake and other random goodness.

I mean, I hate most people, but hate them so much that I can't even enjoy gibbing them mercilessly?

(I kid, I kid, I don't hate most people, I hate certain traits of which a given person is bound to have a few of)
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