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Spread 'em!

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Bullet spreading is implemented, though bullets seem to come from a very strange and ugly place from the player's perspective. Such is life.

Guns in Novarunner pretty much work the same as in Glow, except you don't have any skills that affect accuracy. If you want to kill with a smaller spread, you go and buy a new gun. In that way, cash replaces experience, as it should be for an Elite-like.

Next up is probably going to make the ammo indicators you see in the corner of the screen actually reflect what weapons you have equipped and firing. Oh, and probably homing weapons (missiles, turrets, etc).

No screenshot today because it's nothing you haven't already seen, so here's a quick image. It came from the b3ta error message challenge. Can't find the artist's name right now, but he's super cool and I'm indebted to him for giving me some pixels to post here.
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I ain't afraid of no ghosts...

*hums melody*

One of the great super-box-office-smash-box-office-hit theme songs of all time.

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There still are people who argue it was merely stolen from Huey Lewis and the News' I Want A New Drug, but that song has been immortalized in American Psycho so they should be OK with that.

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