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Beta refreshes arrgggg!!

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Mike Bossy


So here I am this morning ready to start work on creating a simple Silverlight client for my web service. When my hard drive got fried a couple of weeks ago I lost my installation of the VS Orcas Beta and the Silverlight tools. When I was rebuilding my machine I downloaded the Orcas Beta 1 build but didn't download the Silverlight tools yet because I didn't have the time. I figured I'd just download them when I was ready (ie. Now). Unfortunately in that time the Orcas Beta has moved onto Beta 2 and taken the Silverlight tools with it. That means that the only Silverlight tools available to use only work with Beta 2. So here I am downloading 3 gigs of Orcas Beta 2 data! Bummer and suckage.

Since I couldn't start work on the client I did some more finalizing work on the service itself. I added some simple logging to the application log for any exceptions along with logging attempts to download images that don't exist. I also switched all of my SQL calls into stored procedures. I did this mainly so I could handle incrementing the download count of textures in a single call. Now the stored procedure that pulls the texture blob out of the DB also increments the counter in the same proc. In the end this could also have performance benefits but that's just an added bonus.
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