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More letters from our readers...

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As yesterday today we start with more letters from our readers;


Original post by ViLiO
If it was me, I'd have contacted NaturalMotion after a week or so to see what the deal was. If my application had indeed been unsuccessful, I'd want to know why and possibly how I could improve upon further applications. It is just that if I'd taken the time to customize my CV and write a cover letter, I'd at least want to get some feedback.

Original post by jollyjeffers
Shame the NaturalMotion guys let you down and it really doesn't make them look good if they can't even be bothered to tell you yay/nay [rolleyes] Guess you'll have plenty of spare time to pursue other similar opportunities if you want...

I'd like to point out that I'm not sure who is at fault with the lack of feedback. I applied via an agency (who happened to post in the OpenGL forum which is how it came to my attention) and after inital quick contact I ended up asking for an update 2 weeks later and now, about 4 weeks after that, nothing has been heard.

It could have been that the CV is sitting in a pile in someone Inbox at NM, it could be they passed the information back to the agency and they just haven't passed it down to me.

In the end, I decided to email then agency one last time to see about getting some feedback.

Not progress today on the Lua game front, I had to get up early to adjust me sleeping pattern so that I can get to sleep to get up early today (friday) to meet a friend in town at 1pm (considering I've been getting up at 3pm most days that's a heck of a shift).

I have, however, been making steady progress with Haskell learning, in that I'm understanding what I'm reading now. I still need to try things out in practise and work out when Haskell is a suitable language to solve a problem, but more things in our tool kit is always a good thing to have.

And yes, I have to admit, now that I'm understanding Haskell I can see just how elegant functional programming is when it comes to solving certain problems. It just.. makes sense.
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