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Finally some time off

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Been working at the bank for the past few months and have had 0 time to do anything constructive game wise. I had to program an XML Generator that could generate valid XML output for a Java web application. Ofcourse their XML Specification set just did not exist and I couldnt make something out of it. But thankfully the application is nearly done!.

This means my time is slowly becomming less packed and stressed. I also bought a appartment for myself so now im really broke;). Right now im trying to program a 3D renderer that either takes the D3D9 or D3D10 route. Sadly its hard to find good documentation on DX10. I guess its time to whip out the API documents from microsoft :)

Some models have been made for the game already so there has been some progress albeit not something to write about ^^ . If i find good DX10 tutorials I will post them here :)

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