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Paradigm shift

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As the title suggests, I believe a paradigm shift is due in my after hours development mindset. Up to this point, I learned to make games with ambitions of becoming a 'true indie' ie making quality shareware games while living out a meager and poor existence. Sounded like fun.

Well, now I do make commercial games, and although they are in no way indie, it satisfies that itch. So at this point I guess I can do what every developer should be doing from the start: making really fun freeware games. The kind of games that I really want to make. Fun times ahead? We'll see...

Unfortunately I haven't updated recently due to:
(1) Being on crunch at work (thank god we just shipped Master)
(2) Developing tools for work at home to make my life at work better

I actually feel moderately comfortable with C# these days and love a lot of the .NET library's capabilities. That said, I will only write tools with C#, as I hope to make all of my future hobby works cross platform and possibly open source.

Final notes:
The Gearo team has disbanded at the moment due to personal issues in everyone's lives: new cities, new jobs, and newborns. I am sure we will get back together in the future, when it is a better time for everyone.

Hopefully I'll update soon with at least an idea of what kind of game I want to make (I'm thinking small scale at the moment) and then the screenshots and videos should start rolling in. As always, life is good =)
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Welcome back to the world of the living, shadowcomplex. Glad to hear you're enjoying the killer .NET class library as much as the rest of us. [grin]

It's too bad about Gearo being dropped (even it's "for now"), but I'm looking really forward to seeing what kind of freeware adventures you decide to embark on. Best of luck!

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Thanks hopedagger! Yeah, the .NET library makes some things so simple it feels like cheating. Just wish I would have started fooling around with C# a long time before this.

It is indeed very sad that Gearo is in limbo, but I will likely keep poking at the code from time to time, as I really have high aspirations for that game. I'm sure the others feel the same (or at least I hope).

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