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Tank RTS?

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I was thinking about the possiblity of doing a strategy game after what I mentioned last time. I wouldn't want to do something like I described last time, because it seems far to in-depth for my taste right now. But, I came up with an idea for a rather simple RTS game(or tactical game to be exact).

The game would have the player commanding a group of tanks through several missions. The missions involve fighting other tanks, attacking an enemy base or defending an allied one, and fighting bosses. It would be very arcade style because there's only really two commands the tanks can be given: Move here and shoot that.

The game would be tactical, meaning the player has to make due with the units they are given for each mission. As the game progresses, enemy tanks will become more and more advanced, along with having giant war machines as bosses.

I think it's a good idea, but I have to think about it some more. I have experience programming pathfinding, and I already have a general idea of how I would implement the AI, so I'll think about.
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I'm not sure about bosses in RTS games. The main problem stems from not being able to have much control over your units; as you said, it's basically "move" and "shoot". So the bosses in RTS games I've seen tend to be of the annoyingly-powerful-with-a-gazillion-HP variety, which are about as much fun as trying to punch through a brick wall.

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One of the bosses I thought of is not really just one big tank, but the super elite group from the enemy army. If you've ever played Star Fox 64, it's like the evil star fox team that you have to fight(I think it was Star Wolf, or something). They have better tanks, and they manuever better than the normal enemies.

I'm still coming up with ideas, so I don't know what kind of bosses, if any, I would have yet.

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