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been busy with ffxii lately, hard to make time for coding when the gf's advancing the story on me [inlove] i just bought final fantasy tactics (psx) on ebay, so i'm waiting for that to hit so i can grab out the female death noise [grin] also, to play through and grind out all of the job stuff.

i've as much as finished up final fantasy v advance. i've picked up the final (new) crystals and got ABP Up out of one of them. right now i'm in galuf's castle basement, gold-pinning objet d'arts to finish all everyone's jobs. i think i've got at least one person to finish every job but i want to really cream the last section of the game and have everyone with everything.

the reason i picked up tactics was because of ffv; i mean, i've got tactics advance but it just doesn't do it for me. maybe i'll give it a chance and it'll show me more color like ffxii did. there are a few final fantasy games coming out now: ffiv [inlove], ffxii-revenant-wings, ffxiii, ffxiii-versus, and i just noticed they've remade ffi and ffii on psp - but the graphics "improvements" look more like pushes towards the art style they use in the booklets, and i really hate that style. so that's going to suck when they get that done.

i'm most pumped for the two ds games, ffiv and ffxii. i don't think they're done with the ffiv ds remake yet, but it was the game that got me into japanese console rpgs and the advance remake was shite. ffxii ds reminds me alot of lost magic, and if they don't make the mistake of stage-timers, then the game will be awesome.

everyone's still skirting around the game i want them to make though! i can't understand it. i guess all i can do is keep pounding away at my stuff and i might eventually beat them to it. the only real problem is that there isn't going to be any mystery or anticipation.. because i'll have made it and will know everything there is to know! i think that by the end of it i'm going to have as many randomized elements as i can get in -- but not quite to the point of Rogue or anything. thats the only way i can think of to make the finished game interesting enough to come back and keep playing.
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