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i finally figured out how to grab out sound effects from games with wavepad. i'm gonna have to send them some money for a license soon. anyways i pulled the first sword/spear noise out of ffiv and it came out pretty nice. i realize that i'm going a bit far so i can avoid making my own noises.. but seriously, i'm no foley expert and i don't know what kinds of noises i need yet so for the prelim building stages of actionrpg i need to borrow stuff. its not like i'm stupid enough to put them in the final game.

i was thinking about how i'd like to do some of the stuff i've seen in the ff games in actionrpg. i don't plan on borrowing any of the game worlds or anything, but i think it would be good practice to try and construct some well-known junk before i jump into the unknown. how can i plan out an engine when i don't really know what the data is? makes sense to build in a good variety of stuff i'm familiar with - ideally i'll be able to be able to draw from the pool of those things when i need to start being "original". and with that pool who knows what kinds of side-stories i can throw together for fun?

i've been into ffv for a while, i'm enjoying ffxii, and i've got ff tactics on the way. what's the common element? jobs and abilities. i'm still up in the air about how i want a player to acquire and advance jobs or however you get at the abilities, but its those abilities i'm most interested in right now. that's one of the major focii of the final fantasy series, though, isn't it?

anyways thats kinda got me thinking about my interface model. if all of the items in zelda really just boil down to some particular action, then that would mean that i just need to attach some ability(ies) to an item and just have them fire when the item is used by the player. example: player character kain sets dragoon boots to the A button. the user walks toward an unsuspecting coeurl and taps the A button; the boots act something like zLA's feather and kain jumps with his weapon out, dealing damage to the coeurl when he lands on it.

i've been working (slowly) at actionrpg's battle model, and its still an infant. it reminds me alot of zelda1 to be honest. i'm about to start coding in how the player will take damage from the monsters. i don't like how alot of games have it so you take damage from touching things. i think that's a cop-out. i also think it limits me in alot of ways. if you stun something with a boomerang in zelda, they just turn off the collide-damage effect. it might work for zelda but thats baaaaad. if i'm going to put in stealing, and you can't touch a monster except for when it's stunned.. well i guess it makes sense that you'd probably have better success doing it that way anyways, but still!

i'm also keeping in mind weapon effects, like blood weapons. oh how i love blood weapons. but then you also have freezing and poison and all of that fun stuff. i'm pretty sure my first special effect will be leeching though [grin] there's just so much i want to do!

switching abilities and weapons is going to be another important design issue i have on the back burner. it needs to be quick and easy. i'm not exactly sure how i'm going to hotkey it though. have a preferred action list and L and R though it to change what's on B? force the player to walk through a minimal amount of menuing to get to what they want to equip or assign? i guess i'll have to try out a few different designs before i know what works.
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