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If I had dead ghost ancestors, I would sic them on

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For about oh the last year or so I have had an insane problem with rotation. No matter what I do my models will refuse to rotate in expected directions. This has mostly been a problem with getting laser models to face their targets.

Well I just read a post by some guy over on the XNA forums who said that he uses TrueSpace (a Calagari 3d modeling program) and it borks his models rotation. Apparently he has to align them at a odd (different from standard) angle to get the x,y, and z axis to be correct in game.

I use gamespace for my modeling (another fine caligari product). I've been wanting to ditch the thing forever but I dont have the cash for nice modeling software, and haven't been able to get into blender (not to mention blender models are see-through in my game for no apparent reason). For some reason the guys at Caligari decided that the interface would be cooler if their were no words, so I'm stuck guessing which picture means "bevel" or whatever. It's an inprecise nightmare. I wouldn't be too suprised if it was totally borking my models also.

Well I'll go home and try to rotate my models around as this guy described to see if it solves the problem.
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I know this won't be of much help, but try rotating a simple cube to see what it does. Simplify the scene as much as possible to pinpoint the exact problem.

If you suspect gamespace of playing dirty, you could try sample X files from Direct X SDK. Also if your gamespace exports .X files as plaintext, you can check if they're exported properly (try the cube). The X file format is quite nice and easy to understand (surprise from M$ :))

I hope you solve your problem soon.

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