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The Beginnings of the Rawr Framework

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On Friday night I made the decision that I would stop using the DXUT routines for my little Direct3D 10 sandbox that was beginning to evolve into a legitimate code toolset for me. And any legitimate code toolset -- well, even a lot of the illegitimate code bases -- does not touch DXUT with a ten-foot electrified pole. DXUT is like an e-mail from an a spammer claiming to be an ex-girlfriend which, upon opening of this byteified letter, actually gives you, the user, a sexually transmitted disease.

Anyway, it took a couple of days, but I coded up and rewrote sections of the code base which I had been working off of lately. As of now, on Sunday night, I am a tweaked camera-class away from being exactly where I was on Thursday. So whoo. It's called Rawr (a name spawned from Drilian's fantastic suggestion). And this is the first thing I was greeted with after I finished a draft of the camera class (greatly influenced by the DXUT first-person class).

Did I mention that I can't manipulate any aspect of the camera yet for some reason? Because I can't. So thanks for the visuals, id. I hate you.
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