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2 Next-Gen Character Concepts

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I'm evaluating two studios to create my 30+ next gen player models. In the last entry you could see the first model delivery from one studio [well he's actually just an artist]...and now I have the first artwork from the other studio. Expect their first next-gen model early next week.

I'm having them do all the concept work / animation / rigging for the new characters also.

I told them to create concepts for the 3rd Latino and 3rd Italian gangster. There are 3 models per gang, and 8 gangs in the game. Also 6 civilians, and a Cop + SWAT team model on the way. And you guys get to see concepts of them all :-)

I'm excited...anyways...on to the concept art.

Here is the concept for the 3rd and final Latino Gangster...

And here is the concept for the 3rd and final Italian Gangster...

And just for a reference...here is a piece of concept art created for the original set of player models 2+ years ago. They emulated this concept art style which makes their work even more impressive!

More information as it comes in....

- Danny
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Yea, wait 'til you see their 3D models (30+ of them *oh god*). I'm trying to get some of the best shit of any gangster game ever...that's what I told them to do :-) Who cares about polycount lol....though with normal mapping polycount isn't really that important.

But yea...I have 20 other concept arts coming from this studio...so keep watchin.

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