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Taxi/Sedan Work In Progress

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I'm posting them as I receive them...

This is a taxi WIP...you can see all the details my artist is adding, everything down to the fare meter on the dashboard.

It's still missing the sign on the top, engine bay details, door handles, locks, minor things...but he's going all out and it will be amazing.

I'm getting 24 of these cars

The Taxi/Sedan/Cop car only counts as one car.

It uses a 2048x2048 texture so there are insane details, everything down the the bumper stickers are crystal clear.

There is full damage modeling for all vehicles as well.

Should have the Taxi/Sedan/Cop in-game by end of week with Ageia PhysX.

More info as it comes in...

- Danny
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Sexy, you've got yourself some great artists! I don't even wanna know how much it's going to cost you.

Can't wait to see those ingame with the proper shaders!

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