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Car is a costly hobby, and new news record

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Emmanuel Deloget


If you ever own a MG ZR, try to NOT breakdown. And if you breakdown, pray to avoid the utterly classical cylinder head gasket problem. That's actually why I was not able to post news yesterday: I had to find a way to overcome my credit card limitation (I can't pay/withdraw more than 770EUR per day when I'm not in France) in order to pay for the repair: 1,397.07EUR. That was a ouch. So I went to France monday morning (I rented a car: I had no way to take the train from and back to Stuttgart in the morning; add 89EUR), withdrew the money in Strasbourg (in France, I'm allowed to withdraw up to 3,000EUR per day; that was easier), came back in Stuttgart, return the rented car, took a taxi to the workshop (add another 24EUR), payed for the bill, and finally I was able to go to work.

That was a hard day.

So I decided to post all the news I wanted to post yesterday this evening - and that sets a new record for the number of news posted in a single day (I mean, since I'm managing news): a good 10 news (I think the previous record was 8 news).

A problem is now that if I push too much news on the frontpage, the older news vanishes quite fast, and that doesn't leave you much than 5-6 days to read them (of course, you can still use the news archive forum, but I suspect that many of you don't visit it very often).

Speaking of that forum, it gives me some interesting numbers about what (I believe) is of interest to you: product releases typically scores in the 1200 views; news about conferences get roughly 300 hits; the classical industry related news will get around 700 hits. Of course, these numbers varies, and sometimes you'll have only 500 views for a particular product (ex: MaPZone 2.6) while an industry news will be read 1000 times (ex: Peter Moore, from MS to EA). Sometimes, a news completely skyrocket to an impressive amount of hits (ex: XNA Game Studio 2.0 this winter? - 3000 hits; Nintendo opens the Wii to independent game developers - 6850 hits).

In the end, that's pretty difficult for me (and for the other members of the team) to find out what you want to know. I know that a news about some ban law will generate traffic; I can also be pretty sure that the announce of a major product will do so too. Part of the problem is that major products are not released in quantities, and game ban laws are a bit boring in the end.

So, guys, what do you want to see in the news? What would be an improvement of the news pipeline in your opinion?
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Heh, congrats on the news record :P Yea fixing a car can be a bitch. My driver-side window motor died a few weeks ago, cost me $330 to replace. Yea that's just the price of the part, cause I have a friend that works on Nissans and Infinities that did the job for me. If I had taken it to the dealer, since I no longer have a warranty, it would have cost me at least twice that. For a stinking motor. Geeez

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