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Car Watching

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Whoo, SlimDX is starting to grow up a little bit. I'm pushing it a little while limiting the publicity right now; the real marketing push will come around November when the next DX SDK drops. Lots to do until then. I'm exhausted today and can't concentrate, so I'm just going to throw up this fairly random entry. I'll go back to technical stuff...later...

Car Watching

I enjoy watching what cars are on the road. Naturally, seeing all the various sports cars is cool, and there are plenty out here in Silicon Valley. There's plenty of cars to be noticed just because they're out of the ordinary. And it's interesting to see how common various cars and brands are.

When it comes to the nice and expensive cars, these are what I've seen so far in this area:
* Acura NSX -- This is a bit of an odd one, and I didn't expect to see one, let alone two. Still, it's a supercar in its own right.
* Chevy Corvettes -- Lots and lots and lots of Corvettes. C5s and C6s are all over the place, and I've seen a couple C4s, C3s, and even a Stingray. I never expected to see a Stingray in person, just out on the road.
* Shelby Cobra -- At least it looked like a Shelby Cobra. I have a hard time believing that somebody is driving around a Cobra on the weekends, even out here. Anybody know any cars that look like Cobras but aren't?
* Mercedes-Benz -- So many Mercedes of so many models. I don't even like these cars, but they are expensive luxury cars after all.
* Ferrari F430 -- I've seen at least one of these, possibly more. Since they're all red, I don't know if I see the same one every time. Absolutely beautiful car though.
* Maserati -- I don't know Maserati models, sorry. I'm don't really even know anything about these, but I never really expected to see one.
* Bentley Continental GT -- Another high end luxury car I never expected to see. Again, I don't know much about them.
* Lamborghini Gallardo -- I love these cars, and I would love to drive one.
* Lotus Elise/Exige -- I've seen one of each, and only one of each. I know they're not the most roomy or comfortable cars around, but I thought they'd be more popular. There were a number around Redmond last summer, so I don't know what's with the lack of love for them here.
* Aston Martin DB9 -- I've seen two of these so far. Another car I absolutely love, and one of these was parked, so I got to take a fairly close look. I actually wish they'd given that poor DBS more driving time in the last Bond movie.
* Nissan 350Z -- Another favorite of mine. Plenty of these around, too.
* Infiniti G35 Coupe -- Slightly uglier, slightly slower versions of the 350Z. Not really worth noticing, but there's a fair few out there.
* Honda S2000 -- Same thing, although I'm not sure how loud the engine is in one of these. They are fairly high revving.
* BMW Z3/Z4 -- These bore me.
* Lexus -- Again, all boring.
* Subaru Impreza WRX -- There's a lot of these on the road. A LOT. They're powerful, snappy, hideous cars, but I'm amazed that there are so many. They're not at Mustang levels of saturation, but damn.
* Porsches -- Lots and lots of Porsches. Finally saw a few Caymans in person, along with the usual crop of Boxsters, Carreras, 911 Turbos, and Cayennes. I like them (except the Cayenne), but you can only see so many before you stop caring.

Notable omissions from the list:
* Dodge Viper -- Especially the 600 HP version, I'd love to see that tearing down the road.
* Ford GT -- Sure they're hideous, but apparently they drive nice.
* Audi R8 -- Ok, I don't even know if these are out yet. But god damn, I want to see one.
* Rolls Royce Phantom -- I think they're ugly, but I was hoping to see one anyway.
* Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren -- Same as the Phantom.

The strangest thing, though, is how many vintage cars I've seen. I don't know vintage cars at all, but I can recognize one when I see it. I don't really even understand why people drive these things. Remembering their own childhood or something maybe?

I used to be one of those people that didn't really care about cars. I kinda wish I still was, since I have a tendency to be obsessive in my interests. Still, it's fun to see what's out on the road and it gives me something to do when I'm out walking or on the bus.
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Original post by Promit
* Lotus Elise/Exige -- I've seen one of each, and only one of each. I know they're not the most roomy or comfortable cars around, but I thought they'd be more popular. There were a number around Redmond last summer, so I don't know what's with the lack of love for them here.

There are 3 or 4 that I see on driving around up here on a regular basis. I think I'm a bit too tall to ever drive one, but man would it be fun.

Also, I love the DB9. I wish there were more of them driving around Redmond...

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There are lots of companies that make Shelby Cobra-esque kit-cars. I've seen a few people tooling around in them here, and they certainly don't sound like Cobras.

Also, for some reason, this town seems to have gotten inundated with F430s and even some Lamborghinis. But maybe that's because I was going into the richer parts of the core as opposed to skid row.

Where I am now, even though it's relatively low-rent industrial office space, there's a Ford GT40 parked across the street.

A lot of 350Zs. They seem to be incredibly common around here. I didn't even know they were a sports car until someone told me.

A couple dozen Corvettes, but they're all the extremely low-end models. However, even the extremely low-end model is approximately eight times what my car is worth. I see a few Stingrays from time to time, they're really not that rare. I see a lot of 90s-era Corvettes.

I've seen a pile of Vipers (in fact, on Monday, I saw one with a car bra. A car bra! On a Viper!) and a bunch of Mustangs. I also kept pace with an S2000 that decided it was going to be a douchebag coming off an offramp next to me last night.

One of my old neighbours had an NSX, but I haven't seen it in awhile. I suspect he's either died or moved.

I thought the G35 was a Nissan Skyline, not a 350Z.

No Lotuses. Ever. No Aston Martins, either. A few Jags and I've seen one or two MGs, but the UK is seriously under-represented here.

Porsches come and go. I've not seen a Cayman, but I have seen pretty much everything else.

I don't think the Audi R8 is out yet. I have seen a bunch of Audi A-series, and I'm hoping to see an Audi RS4 before long. I suspect it'll be driven by a guy who can't stop smiling.

As for 'classic' cars, a lot of burned out old Buick Rivieras, beaten up slant-sixes and a hell of a lot of Trans Ams. [rolleyes] Despite the relative age of the technology and the huge inefficiency, I still would like a muscle car. There is really nothing else in the world like a well-tuned Charger.

Perhaps I should make a thread about this myself.

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