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Journal title edited for being too emo

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Development going to be on a bit of a hold for a while.

Just started a temp job working in the cashiers office of a local company. Won't go into too many details.

Did a ten hour day yesterday, with a half hour break, which is illegal. I've also been told that I'll be expected to be up to speed to be office supervisor on my own by Saturday.

Told them they could get stuffed.

[EDIT] Actually, the above was a bit petulant. Plenty of people out there have to base their whole careers round jobs far worse than this, and here's me complaining about a month.

Sorry folks. Over my little emo moment now.
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Yeah, things are a bit better after today. I had a bit of a fit at a few people and they've agreed that they're going to find someone with more cashiers experience to be supervisor.

Thought I was sacked when they said that, but then they asked if I was happy to stay on as an assistant, on the proviso that if I get any interviews for permanent jobs, I'm free to take time off to go to them.

So happy enough with that. Not the best job I've ever had, but because of amount of hours it is paying okay.

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