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No wonder my university's internships aren't world class; today I found out the university's career services department has "forgotten" to add me to the computer system that tracks internships and sends emails and assigns due-dates.

This means I may already have missed some piece of information that I needed to pass my internship and get my degree. Nice fucking work, bureaucrats.
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in my experience there seems to be some weird universal law that university admin staff have to be massively incompetent. Some are smart, some are dumb, some work hard, some are lazy. But somehow they all fail it, and in doing so invariably cause students to do the same.

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I can sympathise; while I'm actually quite happy with the admin at my current uni, the ones at the uni I did my undergrad were patchy. My "favourite" example was when they forgot to send me my re-enrolment details for my second year, or the first warning for failure to re-enrol. I did get a letter of final notice of "re-enrol or be booted out", which somehow managed to take two weeks to travel the ten kilometres to get to me. Thankfully it arrived on the absolute last cut-off day so I could still continue, but it didn't endear the admin team to me.

Then there was the time they realised they hadn't handed out all the scholarship money for the year, so they decided to grant me the scholarship I'd been on the waiting list for ages to get. Pity I was only a few weeks from completion...

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I certainly know what it's like to get borked over the side of the head by those university bureaucrats. Hopefully things pan out alright, Mike. [sad]

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