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Montage 2

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Prinz Eugn


I got some good feedback from last entry, I think 2, 6-7, 8, 17-18, and 19 are definite ones, plus I'll rework 15-16 and 11-12 because I like the overall designs. Thanks to those who participated!

I'll explain in huge journal entry(hopefully tonight) that there will be different classes of ship available, from fighters to capital ships. This next montage has some fighters still, but it's mainly larger cruiser/cargo type ships.

Same drill as last time, leave a comment with your favorites, even with what you would like to in the future(like a ship you like somewhere that you would like to see emulated).

Grand prize to whoever explains what #10 was inspired by/modeled after*

*Sir Sapo not eligible

Thanks again!
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2 is cool just because it looks like a star destroyer. 7 is sweet because it looks like a mix of a capital ship (again, star destroyer-ish) and a fighter. Same story with 8. 9 looks like a smallish corvette. The last 4 look like fighters, but none of them are extraordinary.

A ship I would like to see emulated... hmmmm... how about the one I asked you for art advice on? Or just outright copy it. That'd be sweet too :D

10 reminds me of a couple things. It reminds me of Moonraker (James Bond movie), where the shuttle is piggybacking on the 747 or whatever. It also reminds me of how they've launched some of the X-Planes (iirc): Piggy-backed off a cargo plane. I'm afraid that's all that comes to mind though.

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Hey again.

My faves are:
2 - because it reminds me of the escape pod from alien(s).
11, 12 and 15.

As usual, most of them look pretty awesome, but those are my fave's. [grin]

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All are good, except: 1,4,14,16.

And 10 has potential, but needs to be reworked. Needs less bulbous-ity, mroe tail and wings to be swept a little back more.

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I like these better, very good work

#2 reminds me of the republic cruiser things from star wars episode 2
#11 and #12 look like really nice capitol ships, I wouldn't want one of those in orbit staring down at me.

I also rather like #7.

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