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Drowning in physics.

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Well, sort of.

Like I've been raving about for the past few entries, I've been focusing on the physics engine that Gloom will be powered by. The original plan was to have it fully dynamic and fancy-pants-esque, which I regret having had to decide to water down. I'm quite confident that, given enough time, I could complete this goal. However, I'm really tired of working on it, so a simplification is in over.

By fully dynamic, all objects would react to eachother in terms of linear and angular effects (velocity, acceleration, forces and torques) within a polygonal environment. What I had was somewhat close, but my limited knowledge and experience in physics programming left it still a little buggy and dysfunctional -- mostly in collision response. I've decided to aim a little lower by creating a rift between two types of objects: static and dynamic...


Read the rest at the new Dev-Journal location!

(Physics ahoy!)
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