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A New Angle

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With last night's changes to the Win32 mouse handling code working surprisingly well -- other than the fact that, for some reason, decrementing ::ShowCursor until 0 does not seem to be doing a lick to actually hide the cursor (which is a very low priority to get working) -- I went back to my ripped off DXUT camera code to rewrite that so I could get a well-working free-fly FPS camera well in order early in the framework development. I figured it'd be the sort of thing that would be helpful. Or something. I got through most of it, but I ran into difficulties near the end. Everything seems to be working as one might hope a first-person camera with no real sense of boundaries (it's basically a sixteen-year-old girl, as cameras are wont to be) but there was a bit of an issue with the yaw-based rotations not quite, uh, rotating like they should be. I wfigure it'll either take a bit of tweaking or a total rewrite -- it could go either way at this point.

Which brings me to my other pointvertex. I decided the other day that I'd really like like to brush up on my multivar calculus, 3D theory, and the math behind all such things. I took Linear Algebra this past semester with the goal of getting a good handle on that flavor of calculation, but I ended up in a class centered entirely around the ability to write proofs to demonstrate the knowledge of the subject -- there was, at most, about five-ten minutes spent on the practices involved and then from there on out it was a memorization process integrated with the ability to write decent proofs (which is a technique I learned more about in Discrete Math than anything else, really). So, back on topic, I picked up Mathematics for 3D Game Programming and Computer Graphics with the putting-into-practice of this goal in mind. It arrived today and, thumbing through it, the books seems surprisingly well-done. I was expecting a volume filled with list-after-list of unreadable equations written using some sort of mathematical notation that I haven't seen outside the serendipitous scrawls of a drunken three-year-old. But, come the moving-in of my new apartment in a couple weeks, I think I'll make it a point to study this, along with some more linear algebra and calc 3, a little bit every couple days.

That's how much of a nerd I am. Here's Boney from a new, non-yawed, angle.

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