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Not dead....

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Check out my assets... database

Yuck [headshake]. Must wash foul taste of crappy joke out of mouth....

Okay, so I'm taking my experience from the sprite-sheet editor and using it to make an asset-database app. It's been coming along quite quickly so far. The app will basically let me enumerate all of the assets to be used in the game. These include: textures, sounds, scripts, units, levels, campaign layout etc. At the moment it only supports textures and the unit data classes are a work-in-progress (and likely will be for the rest of the game's development). Sound, scripts, level management, etc will be included as I need them. The main purpose of this app is tying the different assets together in a meaningful way. For example, the tab for unit-data editing allows the user to choose the appropriate animations from those loaded against each texture (using the sprite-sheet editor). This is a much nicer approach than hard-coding (in my mind) and it's much more flexible as well. You select textures and animations by their name. This allows the engine to resolve them to indeces at engine initialization time even if other animations or textures have been removed. As long as the texture and animation still exist, the engine will be able to find them and convert into the indeces (texture number x, animation number y) needed. Once everything is resolved, the engine can throw away the names that it doesn't need.

No screenies today, but I hope to have some soon.
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I haven't commented in a while, but I'm still keenly reading. I'm looking forward to those 'screenshot' things too, whatever they are. [smile]

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Yeh, been a while since I posted any screenies. To be honest, I don't consider screenshots of apps to be very interesting.

I've got a long block of coding tentatively scheduled for this weekend, so I'm hoping to have done everything I currently need for the apps and be back onto some more interesting game work.

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