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hardly worth updating about, but i'm very slowly getting work done. i've got about the crappiest version of this thing i've ever made going, but its got some stuff in it i've never done before.

no demos yet, this ain't worth sharing out. anyways you can slide around the hero (no animation) and have him "stab" his sword in front of him. i didn't even bother to have the sword move, i just set it in front of him for a fixed amount of time. the darknut on the left "stabs" at a fixed interval, but basically just sits there attacking repeatedly. if you stand where he "stabs" and you're hit with the sword, you take 15 damage every attack. if you hit the darknut, you deal 16 damage every attack. i had to fix it so that you wouldn't do damage every frame - rather you only do damage once per "stab". same for the darknut.

when the darknut dies he enters a dead state and disappears. when the hero gets to 0hp nothing happens. [grin] i don't wanna deal with player death when there's no game world yet. i guess i could put that in for a laugh though, and actually use the dead sprite frame i grabbed for once.. [lol] i'm guessing that the next thing i'm going to do is add a healing item the hero can use to heal with, and that the darknut will drop when it's killed. i should probably give the poor darknut a better AI but thats not really as important as player recovery at this point.

more updates as i do stuff.
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