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Black Knight


Just wanted to make a progress update for my editor :]
I have been playing around with effect files and managed to make them work.They are not doing anything at the moment.It is just calculating lighting for one directional light no texturing yet :].I'll work on splatting etc. later.

Here are two screen shots the first one is just a regular mesh with 1 light on -z direction.The other is a heightmap generated by adding hills and got normals calculated by averaging the normals of faces around a vertex.

I'm still trying to learn how to use effect files efficiently and how to handle different effect files,switching between effects,setting parameters,handling multiple lights.Also i need to find a way to handle multipass effects like shadowmapping and reflections :|

The problem is i need to render the scene to a texture and the use it in the normal pass.But at the moment i only have 1 renderqueue inside the renderer class which gets renderered once.Another problem is sometimes i don't want everything to cast shadows or be reflected on the water for example so in the first pass some objects will not get rendered.I'm thinking of making another render queue like preRenderQueue which I fill with objects for reflections or shadows but I'm not sure on this.
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Just thought I'd point out that your logo and hyperlink at the top of your journal don't behave correctly for me. You have used back slashes "\" for your URLs when they should be forward slashes "/" and Firefox doesn't like it (IE7 doesn't seem to mind though and displays them fine) [smile]

Also, your editor is looking really nice [cool]

All the best,

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Thanks guys I'm trying to make it back to its functional state while it was using OGL.
Vilio I changed the slashes it should work now thanks for pointing that out.

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