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My friends decided that they need to screw up my plans, so I figured I could post some stuff. The challenge is still on, I just have to take some time off to help my friends out (and play Halo 2 of course.)

Anyway, I switched from LMNOpc's bitmap fonts to AngelCode's bitmap fonts and I'm VERY happy. The LMNOpc BFB is really crappy, especially with it not being free (for example, a lot of characters have artifacts from other characters and the alpha behind the characters isn't 0 (which is noticeable when you try doing something like my outline code).)

I added the outlining code back in as well as adding support for a gradient effect (you can't set the colors; it's just an on/off deal. I might add support for user-specified gradient colors in the future though.) SCREENSHOT TIME!

I figured I'd upload an animated gif that shows off one of the nicety of the menu items:

The speed is fucked up of course, at least in Firefox. Which I really don't understand seeing as how that problem has been around since version one and still hasn't been fixed.

Ok, now I'm gone until Saturday. I'll be getting back to work probably some time after midnight, so I'm going to have to cut out some sleeping, eating, and drinking time to catch back up lol.
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Original post by HopeDagger
Glad to see you're making so much (shiny!) progress. Keep it up, P16. [smile]

Thanks Hope! I just hope I can have this challenge done soon. I had originally set it for 3 days, but I'm expanding it to 7 (I'm putting the end at next Wednesday.) Either way, you guys will see what it is on next Wednesday (finished or not.)

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