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So, I haven't really been updating my journal again for quite sometime. This has been partially due to my lack internet connection at my apartment, and partly due to lack of progress in the area of game development. For one reason or another, one seems to adversely effect the other. Go figure. One would think that without the distraction of the internet I would be more focused on my projects, but seeing as I don't have resources to do research as easily and the games I've been working on designing the past few months are still in design phases, it kind of put a damper on things. Ironically enough, I have been messing around more with some server sided scripting with the hopes of finishing building my dedicated server later this year. I hope to do a lot with that, including starting distribution of the games that are developed.

I'm starting a new day job tomorrow working with the iron workers union local 67. I've never done iron work specifically, but I do have experience soldering and brazing as a hvac and plumbing tech. The hours promise to be a lot better from my last job, where I worked 10 to 12 hour days on average and had unpaid training 4 hours a week after work. Benefits and pay should be better as well.

I'm going to start getting focused back on the engine and editor as well this week. I decided to take a more simple approach of building the editor outside the engine as an mfc app, as was my initial plan, but somehow I got sidetracked into developing it in the engine itself. So, I suppose I'll resurrect the original project and get to integrating the internal editor with it. After I get scene management and saving from the editor and loading into the engine finished. I'll then follow up on working on the engines host api for python. After that's up to scale, I'll start working on the side scroller that I started for the Magick comp. again. I'll be working on that to get a finished title under my belt, as I continue designing Wrath of the Scarecrow. At least that's the plan anyways.
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