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ultima: quest of the avatar

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the gf borrowed her friend's brand-new inu-yasha season 1 and 2 dvds and claimed King of the TV on me yesterday. to fill in some down-time (too much of THAT lately!) i booted up the nes emulator and started working my way down the list. played ff2 and 3, dw1, chronicles of the radia war, crystalis.. wasn't really feeling any of them though. but i WAS interested in starting a new game of Ultima: Quest of the Avatar.

i haven't ever beaten the game, much less played through very far, and when i booted it up this time i think i was more interested in ripping sprites.. but then i started getting into it. i got a peice of paper and a pen and i started mapping out where the moongates went. then i got another peice of paper and started writing things down that the random town NPCs were telling me. picked up a bunch of the PCs and started levelling a bunch. found the town with the telescope, looked at the map, took a screenshot and inverted the colors - and printed it out. now i've got pen marks all over it pointing out where some of the stuff is.

what's up with that? i don't remember the last time i played a game where i needed a pen and some paper to figure a bunch of the stuff out. and i'm enjoying it. i'm probably going to play it again after i get home from work. and i'm not using an faq.
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Used to play a game on my Spectrum in the 90s called Bloodwych (I think) that required pencils, erasers and graph paper to stand any chance of getting through.

Great days indeed.

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