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Misc Update

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BT are still being amazingly shit and are ignoring our calls and not calling back like they promised, so I'm still without internet access at home, which is starting to really suck now. Not being able to look up API documentation for various libraries is a pain, and makes me appreciate that even crappy documentation is better than none at all.

Map editor
I got hold of a C# book with Visual Studio on it to make a start on it, but wasn't really that impressed. The book (who's name escapes me at the moment) is horrible. It's written for (and from the sounds of it, by) a special kind of VB programmer who belives that the GUI is everything and the annoying code that sits behind the form is a vauge annoyance to be tolerated, and occasionally cut-and-pasted from the internet.

So I replaced it with an O'Reilly C# book which is much better, and actually explains whats going on rather than presenting big chunks of magic copy-and-paste code and relying on auto-generated code.

Despite all this, I've gone back to Java (more specifically, the Eclipse Rich Client Platform) for the map editor. After some annoyances with selection services and events I've got quite a nice little app which lets me place point and rectangle map elements and select/drag them around. The nice thing being that a lot of the nice UI stuff (dockable GUI, multiple maps open at the same time) "just works" if you follow the guidelines. [grin]

I need to add load/save support soon, but that requires me to figure out if I'm going to use the RCP "Resources" support or just do it manually. Once I can load, save and export I can start changing Rescue Squad to use the new map format and actually start using it to make some cool new maps.
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