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It's time for 3D sound...

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This weekend I enabled 3D sound in Epiphany. I followed three good articles on DirectSound implementation using Managed DirectX 1.1...


After getting everything working on my laptop I decided to test it against my wife's desktop. This is where I ran into problems. Although sound played fine on my laptop - sound on my wife's desktop either was not played or was not played in 3D. Very odd.

After searching MSDN and these forums and trying various things I came across a solution. When creating the SecondaryBuffer for the sound if I explicitly set the "LocateInSoftware" flag to "true" 3D sound worked flawlessly!

According to an MSDN article http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb280909.aspx, this forces sound mixing to be performed by software and not the sound card hardware.

So, apparently not all sound cards are created equal...

Until next time....

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