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I haven't been doing much of anything these last few hours. I must profusely apologize for my unproductivity.

I did a bit of work on the next-gen game engine, though: set up a nice Xcode project, dropped it into subversion, added a bunch of nice gimmicks to it. One of the things I'm sort of confused about is writing pluggable renderers; a long-term goal of mine for this engine is to add DX9 support for my games course next year. But I don't know nearly enough about DX9 at the moment to figure out a good interface for the renderer, so right now I'm focusing on GL2.

Nice thing is: VBOs, culling, render queues, it's gonna be tight as a drum and crank out monstrous framerates.

Sad thing is: Still based on PI so a lot of the 2D stuff needs speed improvements. However, I've got an SVN symlink going so any improvements to the PI component of the engine get pumped back into PI itself, which is awesome.

So that's high-level stuff. I'll fill you in more once my cocktail napkin scrawlings and "I wants" start to translate into C++.

I think I may have already posted this, but here it is again. NOTE: The Metaphorical Journeys of Happenstance do not support piracy in any way, shape or form. If you pirate my stuff I'll find you. And I'll probably sell your family to pirates. ZOMG NEED MORE SEEDS FOR FAMILY DOG.
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