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4321 posts and a poll result study

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Emmanuel Deloget


I posted 4321 posts before this one. Not very important. Ok, let's consider the other part of the message.

As some of you noticed, there was a poll about the frontpage news (that I have hard time to handle; brain slow; me sick; going to be faster tomorrow).

I'd like to address the main answers:
  • Really, everything is ok (26.9%): well, thanks for your support [smile]

  • The rhythm is quite slow, please work faster (17.2%): I promise I'll do my best to feed you with even more stuff. However, you have to remember the problem I outlined here. So I ask the following question: do you prefer to have a fast news turn over (2-3 days, ie 10-15 news per day) or do you prefer to have a less fast news turnover (6-8 days, ie 3-5 news per day)?

  • Quality of the selection can be improved (16.3%): in case you haven't noticed yet, you can PM me or you can even comment in the journal to tell me what you'd want to see on our frontpage. I made some calls in the past, but I haven't heard any of you [grin]. So, pals, how can we improve the news selection process?

  • I'd like to get more industry related news (12.5%): this one is relatively easy, although your vision of what is a industry related news might be different from mine. Mine is: sale figures, studio merges, important deals, market analysis and so on. What's yours?

  • News? Where? Is that a planned feature? (9.05%): you know, being able to chose this answer doesn't mean that you had to chose it. Check the front page for more information. If you still don't see the news, visit your favorite oculist.

  • Other (18.05%): the 4 last items adds up to less than 1/5 of the vote count. I won't consider them right now, although I note that you'd like to get game-related news. You'd be happy: this is something I'm working on... You'll hear more about that in a near future (read: not before the GCDC; too much things to do)).

Now, please:

So you'll be consistent with this poll as well...
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