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It's of monumentally high quality.

TTLG is already wailing that it's not the PC demo and that you can't see your own feet.

I saw a post on the official Bioshock forums that was like "OMG ANDREW RYAN IS JUST LIKE AYN RAND". [rolleyes]

I've had the pre-order for the CE version for a few weeks now. I hope they can fulfill it.

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2K Games Boston (as Irrational have now been renamed) have also been kind enough to release the art book of BioShock totally free on their website. Be warned it has spoilers in for the game, but well worth downloading. Two PDF versions are available a 15MB and 75MB versions with the bigger created so you can get it printed and bound.


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Quality demo. It's pretty much everything I thought it would be, which is a good thing. The whole 50's style really makes me want to play Fallout, though [wink].

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Original post by Ravuya
It's of monumentally high quality.

Thanks. The ragdolls are annoying me though. There's a silly bug with the twist bones so that they keep oscillating on corpses. Grrr...

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