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Progress on Next-Gen assets...

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So I got the first delivery of the character models from the studio I'll be using for all 30+ of the new character models.

They are quite interesting...much more "character" and exaggerated than I was thinking...but that can easily be adjusted.

The Russian is my favorite.

The Italian needs some facial work [make him prettier hah] then he'll be great.

The Black gangster has a few problems. He looks super evil...he looks like an evil boss, not a street thug. The underwear / belt needs to be lowered. Also the nose/brow should be made smaller & more natural.

The technical quality is out of this world, all the detail in the 2048x2048 color/specular/normal maps really shows when you're looking at them in photoshop...and will show in-game.

I'm having 30+ more of these created! I can't wait to see them...and play with them in-game. There are now 8 gang types in the game.

See for yourself...comments are appreciated!




Also a small screenshot of my car shader in-game...also showing the detail of the vehicles.

More updates soon...
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Those are some amazing models. Once you get them tweaked to be in the style that you're after, they will be incredible. Can't wait to see them in game.

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Honestly....I have no desire to play GTA IV anymore because of your game. It looks just as good.

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OMG, attack of the plastic skin!

Apart from that and the few things you mentioned they're gorgeous. Can't wait for an ingame screenshot and/or video featuring some of these bad asses. I hope the scenery still looks good enough compared to those characters.

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Yea good point regarding the scenery...it's a close call..but we'll see. Worst case I'll have to create a bunch of new city artwork, and just use the current building assets as background / filler.

The skin shader was supplied by the art studio it's a SSS approximation, working on vs1.1 and ps2.0 I havn't had time to study it but it looks like a very nice shader, though it doesn't take into account the animation which should be done in the VS so I should be good, if I wanted to use this shader for the characters in-game.

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