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C# workshop, minor updates

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I have a good deal of time this coming week/weekend. I hope to finish off a bit of project 2 for the C# workshop so I can better answer questions and readily post code. Then on to Projects in moe.

I imagine there's going to be a great deal of problems with project 2. The project itself is pretty hairy, even before figuring in all the rote data entry required to provide the DnD ruleset and the short deadline. At least I've been able to steal a little bit of code from Moe to use; despite the pretty significant differences between a 4x game and a rpg.

Anyways, some 1600 lines and you get:

Character[2] - FoobieMonkey
Age: 579 Height: 58 in. Weight: 127 lbs.

Strength 8 = 8 (Base[2])
Intelligence 11 = 11 (Base[2])
Wisdom 10 = 10 (Base[2])
Dexterity 10 = 8 (Base[2]) + 2 (Racial[3])
Constitution 3 = 5 (Base[2]) + -2 (Racial[3])
Charisma 9 = 9 (Base[2])

Fortitude -4 = -4 (Constitution[2])
Reflex 0 = 0 (Dexterity[2])
Will 0 = 0 (Wisdom[2])

God that's a terrible character.... Anyways, the other bits shall be fleshed out as the week goes on.
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