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I'm still here

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Sorry about the delay. I have been doing stuff. Actually if you look on the front page of gamedev.net, you'll see that I'm apparently writing about half of the new content for the site :)

We have individual reviews of pretty-much every product in the Adobe CS3 suite (Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks). The original plan was to team up with Adobe for some cross-promotion and some articles and possibly some door-prizes, but they appear to be a bit mired in their own bureaucracy and weren't able to get back with us with anything other than "we'll look into it".

Oh well. Such is life. The reviews will still be going up.

I have another web-adver-game coming out, probably tomorrow. I just wanna make sure all the bugs are fixed and it's nicely tuned up. It's a remake of TANSTAAFL's ChemHex game. I licensed the original from him quite a while back but never did anything with it, so its time has come. It's a bit different from his version, but the differences mostly have to do with tuning things up a bit. The play's the same but the difficulty-settings are a bit better and the game's a LOT smaller.

Oh, and now it recognizes about 20 different organic molecules :)

I'm letting it marinade for some close testing for another day. Then I'll post it to the site. It's pretty fun. You oughta like it.
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Although I'm halfway through the process of buying an Adobe CS3 suite (it's currently being shipped in for me) I'm keen on reading your reviews.

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