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DX Studio

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JetLag made with DXStudio

So, I happened to spot DX Studio in some Help Wanted post the other day, and sauntered out to check it out, and by "checking it out" I mean "write JetLag with it".

I found the editor rather flash mx like(I think that's the market they are going for). I'm not much for 3d models or stuff like that, but it turned out to do 2d rather well.

of course, the reliance on DirectX makes it mono-platform app, which is a minus over flash.

a big plus, however, is that i can use the freeware version to do whatever I want, despite the "limitations" they put on the editor.

the "freeware" version is mostly just feature reduction. Most of the extra "features" i can live without, especially if all i'm going to do is make casual free games that I distribute on the web.

the one "limitation" that concerned me was that you could only put 8 objects into a scene (in JetLag, there are two walls, 30 blocks, 5 tail pieces, and a head, which is > 8).

i could add as many bitmaps as i wanted, as many fonts as i wanted, but i could not add more than 8 objects into a scene.

through the editor, that is.

programmatically, i found I could add as many objects as I wanted to.

as a minus, this means I won't be embedding any script into the objects, but I think I can deal.

also, there are some other weirdnesses with the javascript that I haven't quite figured out yet. but as with any js environment, there are quirkinesses that cannot be avoided. i do like that this flavor of js allows me to use "const"

so, if you don't mind javascripting everything, and you are in 2d land, dxstudio can be a powerful free tool to play with.
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Plays fine here. Pretty fast. The plugin didn't install on Firefox. Dunno if this is an IE-only kind of thing.

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